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Fancy Feet Shoe Clips


This project was a brand new site for a concept store my client wanted to start up. One of my key duties on this project was to manage the initial marketing and setup of social sites such as twitter and facebook pages in addition to designing and building the site. Being a new company gave me a clean slate to start with which can often be a great thing for both parties involved!

The branding and site design mockups came first followed by the web design and development. Social marketing was interspersed throughout the whole project to generate an appropriate level of hype around the products. The website itself needed to support a moderately featured shopping cart (coupons and free shipping over $100 was required).

OpenCart was implemented in the back end to handle all the complex processing an eCommerce system presents. The entire admin section was themed to fit with the front end experience.


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Javascript
  • PHP