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Kinetic Kolour aka Henry Zados; a freelance web developer, contractor & teacher currently based in Melbourne, Australia. So you want to know about me? …Well in a nut shell I love all aspects of multimedia! I studied Computer Systems before deciding that Multimedia was my calling. This worked out for the best though as those 2 years gave me a strong technical grounding which has (I feel) given me an edge over a lot of others in the Multimedia industry.

Other new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are showing a lot of promise and as a web developer it is finally good to see the major web browsers supporting standards. The days of separate stylesheets for IE6 and Flash banner ads are over! ActionScript 3.0 also unlocked a lot more potential in Flash as well. As I came from primarily a programming background I cut my teeth on C++ and Java – both very strong Object Oriented languages so it was good to see Adobe rewrite ActionScript from the ground up as OO.

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